Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Pineapples have "spiked "

15 months ago Mrs. Kollers 4th grade class from Temple Beth Am planted 16 Pineapple plants in our Garden area. This week I noticed that 2 of the plants have "spiked", I use the term "spiked' because a Pineapple is a Bromeliad, and a Bromeliad begins to produce a flower when is senses winter is over and spring is beginning. The flowers located in the center of the plant will produce approximately a 3 lb fruit in early June. I must say I was very excited to share the news with our members, I marked the 2 flowering plants with pink ribbons for easy Identification. So next time you pass by our garden check on the progress .

Monday, February 6, 2012


This has been a relatively warm winter. Cold and dry weather , frosts and freezes are normally my best organic pest control . I was noticing this season our tomato plants are producing well and are without insect problems, as of February 6 I have not seen a Tomato horn worm or fruit worms on the tomatoes. The only possible solution I can come up with is; the increase in Marigold flowers is up 300% over last year. This season we planted 9 varieties of Marigolds all over the Garden. Marigolds are not just another pretty flower , they attract all types of beneficial bugs and work as companion plants to vegetables . I would rank the heavily planting of Marigolds as a top 5 organic control !