Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reasonable Care

Our "Spray Drift" hedge row is Suriname Cherry, a tall dense bush similar to Ficus . 
Deering Bay's Golf Coarse is Beautiful  . Robert Wethy and his staff do a great job maintaining  it, however in doing so they carefully  apply insecticides , fungicides and fertilizers .  With our vegetable garden's location  near the 17th green I've had members ask about the risk of  potential contamination . My answer is ; We use reasonable care to limit the risk of potential contamination .  The water used to irrigate the garden is separate from the well that irrigates the golf coarse and last off season I chlorinated the well . Chlorinating a well is recommend by the State of Florida to kill  harmful pathogens .                 Also last season we put in a dense  hedge  row  that is now over 5ft.  high , the hedge row will catch accidental "spray drift"  from the Greens Keeping Dept. as they maintain  our golf coarse .  The  "Spray Drift" hedge row is  a common   organic farming practice .