Saturday, April 23, 2016


The carrots are harvested!!!

Me carrying three bags of carrots, dill and marigolds to the kitchen :)
They grew so beautifully!  This year, we have orange, Negovia and Purple carrots.  If you are thinking of growing some of your own for next Fall season, just keep in mind that this particular veggie takes at least 72 days to mature from seed to full grown fruit! (But I think it is well worth the wait).

Also in the garden, The Giant Dill and Giant Marigold Flowers are blooming prolifically.  Look for both in upcoming dishes from The Club Kitchen :)

Enjoy some pictures below and thank you for supporting Garden on the Bay! <3

Purple Carrots

Negovia Carrot

Marigolds and Dill

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tomatoes & Carrots & Herbs , Oh my!

Dill Flower

It is officially too hot for all our Lettuce varieties to keep growing, but the Tomatoes are really kicking in and ripening! And the Dill and Rosemary herbs are beautiful. 

We have three different kinds of Tomatoes growing this season : Yellow Pear, Cherry, and a yummy Roma variety that are great for sauces.

I picked a bunch of Cherry Tomatoes and Purple Cabbage this morning, so look for them in some yummy dishes from the Club Kitchen this week.


Hopefully, next week, the Carrots will be ready for picking!!! I'm excited about them :)