Friday, October 29, 2010

Pictures of the Garden Construction

Here are more pictures from our Garden construction. You don't see many backyard gardens with access to bulldozers and backhoes and a crew of Audubon certified grounds keepers!

Alberto marks off the sprinkler while Rafael drives the bulldozer and officially breaks ground.

Robert and Alberto observe the first levelling

Alberto and Robert pause for an obligatory group shot

After leveling a bit, Rafael uses the backhoe to prepare the northeastern edge of the garden

More leveling and clearing.

Robert and Rafael use the sod cutter to edge the western portion of the garden.

Here's a pic of what lies just underneath the existing grass ground cover.

You can barely see Chef Tim standing behind Robert (in blue) as they review progress so far.  Gino is using the sod cutter in the foreground

Almost finished after a hard day's work.

Picture of the guys finishing the job with the 17th green in the background.

Here's what the garden construction looked like after the first day's work!

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