Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30th Update

Starting today, we will now update the blog every week with photos and progress reports of our growth.

We have had 2 planting days so far; Monday Nov. 15th and Nov. 22nd.  A few observations...our soil is healthy and the plants are healthy.  This is important as healthy plants are less likely to have disease and insect problems. Also, garden vegetables like the cool and dry air that we enjoy during South Florida winters. Over the next few weeks as you watch the plants grow you will understand the importance of proper spacing.  One of the biggest mistake beginner gardeners make is crowding plants.  More on that later...

Enjoy today's photos and progress report and feel free to comment if you have any questions/observations.




  1. Tim, what are the purple flowers and how do they compare to other edible flowers?

  2. The Purple flowers are Cosmos, The Pansies and nasturtiums taste better , but everyone loves the Cosmos, We also have planted , Marigold , viola, pansy,nasturtiums and calendula. Tim