Monday, August 1, 2011

Butterfly Garden

We are in in the planning stages for our Garden on the Bay for this season. This year we decided to add a Butterfly Garden near the Vegetable Garden . One thing I learned from the students from Temple Beth Am last season was they were interested in the Vegetable Garden and Pineapples. But what really got them excited was Butterflies and their metamorphosis and insects. This coming season we will offer Butterfly Gardens to our workshop program. We hope to teach and inspire young people on the subjects of ; Good nutrition, Gardening, Ecology, Conservation, Beneficial insects and exercise. A Butterfly Garden needs 2 type of plants in order to attract and grow Butterflies. First we need Nectar plants; Nectar plants are food…. Second we need Larvae plants; these are plants that Butterflies lay eggs on, and upon hatching the caterpillars have a food source. This week I will plant some perennials and native shrubs and in November we will plant annuals, nectar and larvae plants.

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