Sunday, May 20, 2012

Temple Beth Am Students Learn About Good Nutrition

Ethan Shapiro welcomes Ms. Koller's 4th grade class to Deering Bay
Membership Coordinator Daniella Tosta sets up our garden fresh tasting for the students
Our Garden Fresh Salad Bar is ready
The students talk about their experience at our November planting event
Ms. Koller encourages the students to try everything 
After the tasting, the students cast ballots for their favorite vegetable and favorite dip
Favorite vegetable was Roasted Golden Beets and favorite dip was Guacamole.  The pineapple was a huge hit and lemony sorrel was also popular 
The weather improved and the students walked up to the Garden, with a slight detour to look at Deering Bay resident American Crocodiles 
Ms. Koller's class heads back to school after collecting beneficial insects at the Garden. Thank you kids!  We had as much fun as you did!

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