Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Peak of the season

Right now  and for the next 3 weeks our Garden is at it's peak ! We are producing 4 types of tomatoes, multi-colored carrots , lettuce , arugula, cabbage, bok-choy, golden beets, edible flowers, 3 types of radish, 4 types of herbs and enough mint for desserts and Mojitos . Check out the salad bar or  Make a dinner reservation today !
Our carrots are looking great 

Gold nugget, Black cherry, Sun gold and yellow pear  varieties of tomatoes 

Savoy cabbage 

Our new menu includes a garden fresh salad 

Bella Raoli is  learning about Butterflies and their remarkable life cycle 

Bella  has also volunteered to work in the garden this season 

Bella's duties include , weeding , harvesting , mulching and planting 

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