Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Update #1

The kids painted awesome garden signs during our planting event!

Hi All!  It's Kristy :)

I just wanted to give you guys an update on our beautiful garden. (I will do my best to update the blog once a week, so check back often for new information and lots of  pictures).

The veggies that the children planted last Sunday, at our Event, all look great!  Thank you again to everyone who came out, participated, and helped get our garden growing. Your efforts are appreciated!

This past Sunday, I planted even more seeds.

What was planted this week:    

Easter Egg Radishes 
Red Meat Radishes
Bunching Onions 
Purple Haze Carrots
Swiss Chard
Roma and Cherry Tomatoes
Oakleaf Lettuce 
Giant Marigolds

Also, for those who do not yet know, we have three resident hummingbirds that seem to love our Firebush plant (Hamelia patens).  Tim and I are working on getting a good picture of them!  Here is a picture of the Firebush they often visit.

Firebush (Hamelia patens)

 Hummingbirds suck nectar from the tubular shaped flowers 

Check back next week for more!

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