Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12-14-10 Progress Report

Brrrrr...we are experiencing unseasonably cold weather!  The entire state of Florida is under some kind of freeze warning.  Hard freeze warnings are currently in effect for North and Central Florida but in South Florida we're under a freeze warning.  A "hard freeze" is when the temperature drops below 32° Fahrenheit and remains there for enough time to seriously damage or kill seasonal vegetation.

Thankfully, the garden looks great. Scroll back to the November 22 Temple Beth Am planting day or even the November 30th update to see the difference in growth. Most of the vegetables we planted tolerate cold well. However tonight I will cover the Garden with floating row covers for frost protection. Most small Organic farms use this method.  If you don’t have Row covers, use old bed sheets and blankets. Try to avoid plastic.  I don’t like water either.

Enjoy these pics that I snapped early this morning.  Stay warm! Tim

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