Monday, November 21, 2011

Progress Report

This week I see Lot's of progress in the Garden, everything is sprouting and growing at a normal rate. We planted a Gold Finger Banana Plant today . We moved our compost pile about 6 ft. cultivated the soil and planted in the rich compost we created from kitchen scraps and leaves and plant clipings from the golf course . The Gold Finger Banana is a very fast growing plant and we could see fruit in 8 months, the fruit is small finger banana variety with a brown sugar taste .. Also a plant that I really like is the Southern Milkweed . The Southern Milkweed attracts and feeds the Beautiful Monarch Butterfly. Every time I pass by I see Monarch Butterflies, I noticed last week about 20 caterpillars on the plants , I hope they are there Monday when the kids come to plant !

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