Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Temple Beth Am 4th Graders Visit The Garden 2011

The day started out with a bus ride in pouring rain to an outdoor event and ended in bright sunshine and smiles.  On Monday, November 28th, Deering Bay welcomed Temple Beth Am Day School kids from Ms. Koller's 4th grade science class to the garden. We held a program consisting of 4 separate science labs and rotated every 15 minutes.  The labs were:
#1. Seed propagation with Daniella Tosta
#2. Butterfly Gardening with Ethan Shapiro
#3. Vegetable planting with Tim Rowan
#4. Ms. Koller's science class .

The students really enjoyed every thing about their field trip and so did we! We plan to host the students again at the Club in March so they can check on the garden's progress, harvest and eat vegetables and collect caterpillars.

As for planting the garden, we made great progress.  The students completely planted the butterfly garden with Ethan while learning about host and nectar plants and the different types of butterflies they attract.  Daniella did an excellent job demonstrating seed propagation and all the kids left with a potted plant to grow at home. Ms. Koller took the opportunity to teach about the importance of beneficial insects, pollination, ecology and conservation.  I was happy because I had 20 kids who were eager to help me plant.  And boy were they productive planting nearly 1/4 of the garden.  All in all, we planted three types of cabbage, garlic chives, sorrel, cosmos, radicchio, golden beets, lettuce, basil, bok choy and tatsio.

On behalf of the Staff and Members of Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club thanks to the Beth Am 4th Graders for visiting our garden!

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